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This Is How You Can Jam Pack Your Webinars Like Clockwork—WEEKLY!

From: Joe Lavery
RE: My Webinar Breakthrough

I was recently chatting with one of my colleagues about webinars.
I asked, “Why don’t you do more webinars?”
He replied “Here’s why, because my webinars convert when they are live, and the replay makes couple sales but then it quickly dies and that’s it. No more sales!”
And that pain point is exactly why I’m writing to you today.
See, over the past 5 years I’ve been helping implement the most advanced webinar conversion systems for 6, 7, 8 and even 9 figure companies!
And I’m damn good at what I do!
The reason they hire me is because I make the impossible possible.
I build them remote control systems so they can “be in two places at once.”
And I routinely charge high 4 figures for the honor, but that has recently changed.
My one-on-one consulting and custom webinar system build out now starts at $15,000.
I choose that price because it’s enough to keep me fat and happy if I get just one new client a month. And if I decide to work more, the potential is unlimited.
Anyway, what I’m going to share on my Live Workshop has NEVER been included in my consulting fees. It’s never been provided even to those who have paid me $5,000+
Why? Because they never asked for it, don’t know it exists, and it’s a lot of extra work for me to get it working for them.
So what the heck am I talking about?

I’m talking about a unique promotion method and webinar model that allows you to unlock hidden profits from your email database!

This Is How You Extract Maximum Income From Your Email Database By Using A Unique Model that Potentially Triples Your Webinar Show Ups
Even If Your List Is Lukewarm At Best
even if your list doesn’t usually show up to your webinars, and 
even if they don’t see you as the ultimate authority… 
And you definitely don’t need to be a “celebrity” or “influencer” to make this work.  It works because of the method, not because of you have an amazing relationship with your list.
And that truly separates this strategy from everything else I have seen.

If you have an email database, this system will breathe new life into your monetization strategy and boost your client lifetime value.

If I told you I had 100 live attendees on a webinar that starts in 5 minutes from now… would you want to show up, teach some goodness and get paid?
What if you never had to worry about empty webinar rooms?
What if you KNEW you could fill a webinar up in 24 hours notice, anytime you wanted, for any reason, to promote or sell any product or offer?
What if you could leverage this power to then cycle your list into other people’s million dollar webinars?
What if you could get more results with a lot less work, a lot less energy and a lot less headaches?
Would you be all in?
If not, you might as well leave, unless you like wasting your time.
No judgment here.

However, If You're ALL IN…

Then I invite your to attend my Live Workshop where I’ll be sharing this webinar breakthrough with a small group of marketing peeps.
I’m sure some Kings, Queens, Gods and Legends will be there. They all know the price I’m asking is a joke.
You might be thinking…
If I could fill my webinar up on command - anytime I want, that be liking having the keeps to a rocket launcher… I could crush my offers, promote affiliate offers fast and help my friends!
And I’m guessing that would feel pretty damn good?
I’m willing to bet, if you believed my claims, you might be willing to trade me a new car just to possess that super power.
But I won’t ask you to buy me a Tesla.

How About $127?

The next thing you might be asking yourself is “Why the heck would he reveal this method if it really is that powerful?”
Great question my friend.
See the reason I’m doing it is because I’m looking for a maximum of 12 people with badass courses and offers to attend my upcoming Webinar God Intensive.
And I think the best way to get people to want to attend my intensive is to demonstrate the quality of my strategies, my techniques and my systems.
See, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what the strategy is, the whole enchilada including examples so you can SEE what it is and how it works..
BUT, it is actually not that easy to execute without my help.
At the Webinar God Intensive, I’ll be including my exact system, custom scripts and tech stack so you can execute like a Pro.
Of course, you can try to figure out how to implement this strategy on your own, but I wouldn’t suggest it personally. It’s really up to you and what you value more, time or money.
Anyway, that’s my "super secret" reason I’m doing this workshop at all.


During The 90 Minute Workshop,  Here's A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

How to JAM PACK Your Live Classes, Webinars & Workshops Every Week (with ease) 
How to cut your time from idea to launch by days or weeks.
Why Confidence Is Optional (Leadership, serving them, introverts, easier than public speaking, no camera required)
The Unfair Webinar Advantage - Secret Software Unlocks Hidden Profits In Your Database
The Most Important Section In “Expert Secrets” - The Perfect Webinar Model And How We Made It 2 Times Better!
How to Maximize Revenue generated from all your classes, webinars, workshops and VSLs
The 2 secret tools that can give you an unfair advantage in your marketplace (but only if you believe in value-first marketing)
Why Automation Is Killing Your Sales (and how we use ANTI-AUTOMATION to bring in new buyers reliably)
How to use Ethical Scarcity so you don’t have to compromise your integrity (or feel slimy AF)
How to leverage higher conversation of live webinars with the scalability of JIT/Evergreen events.
Building, Stacking & Leveraging SALES ASSETS for MAXIMUM REVENUE in Minimum TIME without Spinning Your Wheels…
3 ways to turn one pitch into 3, 5 or even 10 unique webinars so you can keep your core offer selling 'round the clock...


My Webinar Breakthrough Has It All.  High Leverage.  Low Stress.  BIG Profits.

I have no doubt that the people who take this and run with it will see success like they've never seen before.
I have been making money consistently on a daily basis since early 2006 and I'm sharing my most effective 2021 strategies now with a few other dedicated experts, coaches and course creators.
Due to the sensitive nature of these techniques, I must insist on restricting the amount of people who gain access to this training. This is a limited offer to share what the opportunity is and how to take advantage of it.
if you're a coach, a consultant, an agency, a freelancer or a course creator then this will be a home run for you.
After initial allotment is filled, I may be forced to close this workshop permanently, so don't delay...


Yes! I want to attend your Webinar Breakthrough Workshop on Thursday, October 7th at 2:00 PM Eastern.
I understand it's just $127 — there are no royalties to use this strategy and I will owe nothing further even if I make millions.
After I pay, I get a recording of the event for personal use.


(Instant Access to 1st Workshop + Ticket to Attend)

Don't dilly-dally.
Your window of opportunity to capitalize on this strategy will close soon.
See you in class!

Joe Lavery
Founder @ Conversion.Systems 


High Leverage. BIG Profits. And The All-In-One Sales & Marketing System That Makes it Possible.

(With the exact tech stack and expert support you need to make magic happen without getting stuck in Tech Hell! )

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How To Generate 2-10X More Income With "Anti-Automation"
Once you possess this skill, you can feed your family for years...
Joe Lavery
Conversion Systems

Tuesday, 3:23 PM
Saratoga Springs, NY

What’s the fastest way to sell your product for $1,000 plus? 

It’s webinars. 

And that’s why I want you to have--as a free gift for new Class of the Week subscribers--my new book, “WEBINAR SECRETS X!”!

And when I say free, I really mean it.

For the first 1000 business owners who pre-order my book, you won’t pay a cent.

Free Book.

Free Shipping. 

Free Live Class. 

Credit Card NOT Required.

No gimmicks, just results.

The Most Important Section In “Expert Secrets” - The Perfect Webinar Model And How We Made It 2 Times Better!

Why You Must Get Your Own “Virtual Stadium” of your Perfect Prospects (and how we turn Russell’s Expert Secrets Webinar Model into a Reliable Income Machine)

Why Automation Is Killing Your Sales (and how we use ANTI-AUTOMATION to bring in $1K Buyers reliably)

The Fastest Way To Build A High-Conversion Selling System That Consistently Closes $1K Sales - Almost Daily! (without flying blind, guesswork, huge advertising budgets, or making a pile of unnecessary mistakes that cost you time, energy & money)

Why Confidence Is Optional (Leadership, serving them, introverts, easier than public speaking, no camera required)

The Unfair Webinar Advantage - Secret Weapon (GoToWebinar becomes a powerful marketing suite, inbox secret, broadcast trick + big consumption encore + Mobile UX)

Bypass your audience’s resistance mechanism using invisible “buy signals” and buy triggers… like flipping a secret switch in their brain.

“People often say that sales from live webinars don’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it weekly if not daily.”

Breath life into your sales presentations. 

An old Chinese proverb says, “If I tell you, you forget. If I show you,  you remember. If I involve you, you understand.”  

Speed Mindreading: How To Detect What Your Customers REALLY Want
Inside Of This 100% FREE Book, Here's A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover (For FREE...)
Text Message Cash Machine: Learn How To Get Webinar Leads Off The Fence And Into Your Program With The Push Of The Button
Fence Tipper Follow-Up Formula: Learn How To Force Leads To Make A Decision
F-The-Fence Formula: How To Force Indecisive Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks
Effortless Persuasion: How To Find Your Flow And Start Selling With Ease
Million Dollar Webinar Scripts
You’ll Get Word-For-Word Examples Of What To Say On Your Webinars, When To Say What, And How To Start Conversations With Attendees With Live Chat. 

This Step-By-Step System Works On All Of The 4 Primary Buying Types.

 "Keep Your Mind From Going Blank… Ever Again!"
Get The F**k Off-The-Fence: How To Force Indecisive Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks
Get Off The F**king Fence: How To Force Stubborn Prospects To “Say Yes” Or “Say No” Without Deception or Tricks

Get Off The F**king Fence: How To Force Stubborn Prospects To Make A “Yes or No” Decision Leading To 20% In Added Revenue (OR MORE)

"There are 3 Innocent Questions To Ask On Webinars That Make Almost Any  Prospect Want To Give You Money... 

A hardback copy of my latest and most important book to date, The New Case For Gold, Special Edition. ($26 Value in Bookstores)

Bonus Gift #1 The Modern Survival Manual:Surviving the Economic Collapse ($22 Value)

Bonus Gift #2 The Best-Kept Currency Secret in America (electronic copy)($49 Value)

A 12-month trial subscription to my monthly intelligence briefing, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence. New issues are delivered by email on the third week of every month. ($99 Value)

My Live Intelligence Briefings (Free With Rickards' Strategic Intelligence)
TOTAL VALUE: $299.00
Special Pre-Order Bundle: $997 FREE!

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